A Beginner’s Guide to Discussing Infertility

A Beginner’s Guide to Discussing Infertility

Infertility is a reality for many women in the US, but the subject has become such a “behind closed doors” topic that women who are living through it may feel alone.

But as of late, more and more women are writing essays or speaking out about what not to say to someone who’s maneuvering through infertility, how to be supportive of her, or simply what the every day experience is like.

Here’s our roundup of a good mix of articles from around the web.


1. Some helpful tips on what not to say to someone who is actively trying to get pregnant (and has been doing so for a while).

2. Six things to avoid saying to anyone who has conceived after a battle with infertility.

3. Kim Kardashian helps shine a brighter light on the reality of infertility issues by being so open about her own.

4. Male infertility is a reality; over 50% of couples are affected by it.

5. On that note, because those speaking of infertility typically assume it’s solely a woman’s battle, men who live with male infertility are left in the shadows.


6. Here’s a New York Times guide on male infertility.

7. For all the things you shouldn’t do or say to someone living through infertility, here are things you can.

8. Science is investing in infertility studies.

9. Any time anyone asks what infertility is, instead of having to answer for the millionth time, point them in this direction.

10. Check out this heart-wrenching personal essay on the ups and downs of infertility.

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