8 Inspirational Women to Check Out on YouTube

8 Inspirational Women to Check Out on YouTube

Believe it or not, the Internet consists more than viral cat videos and celebrity gossip. YouTube is one of many websites that has developed an online community in which people are able to interact, express opinions, and educate. The site is filled with empowering and innovative women with a mission to expand your knowledge or give a positive source of entertainment.


1. Laci Green

Laci Green is a sex educator, feminist and activist. She hosts a segment for MTV on YouTube called Braless, which discusses topics like gender norms, feminism and pop culture. The series on her personal channel known as Sex+, focuses on sexuality, body image, and safe sex. Green tours colleges and universities, both in and out of the U.S., to educate students about sex and rape culture.


2. Marina Watanabe

Also known as the YouTube username MarinaShutUp, Marina Watanabe makes a video per week to discuss variety of important topics ranging from racial issues to mental illness to feminist perspectives. In some of her videos she has partnered with Everyday Feminism, a website dedicated to break down everyday oppression. Watanabe strives to facilitate outside discussion and educate her viewers.


3. Franchesca Ramsey

Franchesca Ramsey, also known as YouTube username Chescaleigh, has partnered up with MTV to create a video series called Decoded, to talk about ethnicity and race with a pop culture twist.


4. Grace Helbig

Grace Helbig posts comedy videos every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Her “sister-like attitude” and her hilarious personality make it feel like she’s your best friend. She’s also the host and creator of the podcast called Not Too Deep with Grace Helbig, where she does video challenges with other YouTube stars. She also created a videos series called the Grace Show, in which she interviews red carpet celebrities. Even cooler: This past spring, she had her own TV show on E! called The Grace Helbig Show.


5. Hannah Witton

Hannah Witton’s YouTube channel is dedicated to an open discussion of sex, relationships, and life in general. Her free-spirited attitude will have you thinking with an open mind.


6. Lilly Singh

Lilly Sigh, also known as Superwoman, is a YouTube comedian. Some of her most popular videos include “If Boys Got Their Period,” and “If My Period Was a Person.”


7. Ashley Mardell

Ashley Mardell is a feminist and LGBTQ educator. On her channel, she heavily focuses on gender norms and spectrums of sexuality. She is most known for her Beer and a Chat video series as well the ABC’s of LGBT series. Mardell partakes in many response vidoes relating to hot topics in the media, then discusses her viewpoint from a feminist lens.


8. Ellen DeGeneres

Although DeGeneres may not exactly be a YouTube star, she has a strong presence on the website with more than 12 million subscribers. DeGeneres shares clips of her television show featuring humorous sketches, talented viewers and celebrity interviews.


If you want to switch up your Netflix night or you have free time, hop on over to these ladies channels and see what they’re all about.

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