7 Places to Get Your Daily Dose of Feminism

7 Places to Get Your Daily Dose of Feminism

In between classes, jobs, and other life shenanigans, I often don’t have time to go looking for my feminist news. Luckily, I follow all seven of these organizations and websites, and they all keep me well informed on the issues my fellow lady-folk are dealing with today.


1. Feministing

Feministing boasts an incredible network of young feminists writing for their peers. With articles that give us feminist reads and others with titles like “Please Stop Sexualizing Children,” they already have earned their spot on this list, but they also have a “daily feminist cheat sheet” that I do in fact read daily. Their content is great, and all of the women who write for Feministing are incredibly articulate about their points of views.


2. Bitch Magazine

I’m giving you my secrets here: Bitch Media also puts out a round up of feminist news that I’m always on top of reading. Their “On Our Radar: Feminist News Round Up” not only has great articles about women by women for women, but also they also have great links to things like 115 films by or about women of color. Their print magazine is also killer, and it’s one of the few I subscribe to regularly.


3. Feminist Wire

The Feminist Wire lets you subscribe by email, which is super handy for any of you who check your email more than your social media accounts. Its intersectional feminist perspective is fierce, and I love that it’s got sections like “elementary feminisms” because everyone has to start somewhere with their feminist knowledge


4. Ms. Foundation for Women

So maybe you don’t want to share a ton of articles from websites with that scary F word in bold print everywhere. Totally understandable, since feminism carries so many social implications, expectations, and historical inclinations. Instead, I’ve got Ms. Foundation for Women–they deal in women’s issues without everything needing to be highly feminist and politically radical. They often link to articles from the New York Times or Mic.com, rather than only supporting their own blog’s posts.


5. Everyday Feminism

I am always sharing articles from Everyday Feminism, and so are all of my friends. With great pieces like “These 25 Examples of Male Privilege from a Trans Guy’s Perspective Really Prove the Point” and “What’s Wrong with Cultural Appropriation? These 9 Answers Reveal Its Harm,” you not only know exactly what you’re about to read but you also get right down to the nitty gritty of important issues.


6. Vitamin W

Just like your women’s vitamin that has everything to keep you healthy, Vitamin W has everything you need—with their News, Change, Culture & Society, Tech, and Business categories, they’ve got you covered. Their articles range from little comics to profiles, and every bit is thought provoking.


7. Dame Magazine

I can’t leave Dame off of this list. Their “Daily Dose” has given me a read on a quick walk or train ride many times before; these articles are specifically for if you only have two minutes. They some of my favorite stories. They also have a really hilarious bit called Dame Unedited, which may not be the most fact-driven, but it’s definitely where I go for a piece dripping with satire.


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