7 Girl-Positive Social Media Hashtags to Start Using Today

7 Girl-Positive Social Media Hashtags to Start Using Today

With the constant intake of social media, users are often ambushed with mixed messages. There are many negatives and positives that can come with social networking. It’s important, however, that we focus on the positives. By filling our minds with encouraging media and creating optimistic posts, we can make social media a powerful tool to help others and ourselves. There are several movements out there that work to spread positivity and change the world!


1. #NMM

#NMM is a movement that celebrity and shero Demi Lovato started. The letters stand for “No Makeup Monday,” and every Monday individuals are encouraged to post pictures without makeup. There are several sample posts found on Lovato’s Instagram account.


2. #LoveYourCurls

#LoveYourCurls is a new movement started by Dove to encourage individuals with curls to embrace their natural hair. According to Dove’s free downloadable e-book, only four out of 10 young girls with curly hair describe their hair as “beautiful.” This movement is working to change this statistic by promoting self-acceptance.


3. #NaturalDay

Another movement focused on self-acceptance is the Natural Day movement. Natural Day is an internationally celebrated movement that challenges individuals to let go of the one insecurity holding them back. Natural Day takes place on February 13th because it’s the day before Valentine’s Day, and you have to love yourself before you can love anyone else.


4. #LikeAGirl

This campaign started when Always aired this inspiring advertisement. The message captured the hearts of individuals all around the world. In the past, the phrase “like a girl” was used negatively. However, this campaign reminded us that doing something “like a girl” means doing it with confidence and power.


5. #OrangeTheWorld

#OrangeTheWorld is a social media movement promoted by the United Nations focused around ending violence against women. According to their website, the color orange symbolizes a better and brighter future without violence.


6. #FireworkPeople

#FireworkPeople focuses on the concept of women empowering other women. The hashtag stems from the Firework People movement that strives to help women succeed by providing them with the needed resources and encouragement to move forward.


7. #GirlHero

GirlUp, an organization created by the United Nations Foundation, encourages individuals to give a shout out to a powerful #GirlHero in their life. The movement helps showcase powerful and inspiring women who are working to amazing things.


These are only a few of the several movements out there dedicated to spreading positivity on social media. If every individual used one positive hashtag a day, we could change the dynamics of social media. It’s always important to appreciate yourself, appreciate others and work to make a difference.

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