6 Amazing Women on YouTube You Need to Subscribe to ASAP

6 Amazing Women on YouTube You Need to Subscribe to ASAP

YouTube’s success and the increased accessibility to video and editing equipment in the past few years has made video blogging an extremely popular and impactful form of media.

For women specifically, video blogs are sometimes a gateway for them to enter into the typically male centered world of entertainment. From makeup gurus, to comedians, to moms, and even sex experts, there is a huge community of women vloggers out there who can provide everything from fashion tips to serious life advice.

Here’s a list of lady vloggers who are taking social media by storm with their comedic timing, inspirational attitudes, and feminist motivations.


1. Akilah Hughes

UCB trained comedian and social activist Akilah Hughes has made her mark on the YouTube community with her blunt and shameless approach to comedy. Her videos like “Why I Hate Black History Month” and “How Feminists Watch Commercials” are prime examples of how Hughes uses her personal experiences and comedy style to addresses issues like the need for intersectional feminism and why racial micro aggressions are a problem. However, Hughes isn’t just a political vlogger, she can also write, sing, rap, and will occasionally get drunk and review popular literature. All her videos live on her YouTube channel, which has over 100,000 subscribers.


2. Savannah Brown

Eighteen-year-old slam poet Savannah Brown scored her first viral hit in 2014 with her mic drop worthy retort to viner Nash Grier, who posted a video urging young women to shave their legs to grab the attention of boys. In her poetic response “What Guys Look For In Girls”, Brown tells other women “You don’t live to meet the credentials established by a madman. You’re a goddamned treasure whether you want to believe it or not.”

Brown’s YouTube channel is a mixture of her music, spoken word performances, and vlogs, all of which are typically centered around social issues like femininity and mental health. Brown also has a book out full of her original poetry.


3. Lilly Singh

Character actor and self-described unicorn, Singh started making blog videos back in 2010 as a way to pull herself out of a depressive state. In an interview with Jimmy Fallon, Singh said, “I was a really sad person…and I thought if I could make other people laugh at my videos then I could make myself laugh”. On Singh’s channel, which has an astounding 8.3 million followers, she tackles subjects like professional life, relationships, and cultural identity. Her most popular videos involve her dressing up like her parents to comment on her experiences with her Indian heritage.

Besides her successful YouTube channel, Singh is also a motivational speaker, a rapper, and an actress. Her first feature movie, A Trip to Unicorn Island, which documents her life as a YouTube personality was released earlier this year.


4. The Mom’s View

Composed of mom vloggers Kayli Butler, Carlie Wood, Angel Moore, and Colette Butler, The Mom’s View is a weekly YouTube show full of tips and commentary that any mom will love. Focused on women centric issues, The Mom’s View ladies take to their channel to discuss things like pregnancy, body image, role models, and parenthood. Their channel isn’t just limited to round table vlog discussions however; it also features skits like their “Real Moms of Youtube” series, as well as interview segments with other YouTube stars like Glozell and Jenna Marbles. Each member also has their own YouTube channel, where they show the ins and outs of their lives as wives, entrepreneurs, and supermoms.


5. Kat Blaque

Trans activist and feminist vlogger Kat Blaque is famous for bringing out the “true tea” in her videos with her smart and honest approach to social and political issues.

As a vlogger for Everyday Feminism and Pride.com, Blaque touches upon current issues from her perspective as an African American trans woman and calls out mainstream media for perpetuating harmful stereotypes about minority identities. Blaque approaches her concerns with wit and hilarity, creating satire videos like her “White History Month” series to get her point across. Blaque is also a writer and children’s illustrator. She combines all of her talents in her biographical animated video, “Draw My Life”.


6. Rose and Rosie

Married British couple Rose Ellen Dix and Rosie Spaughton are impossible to not fall in love with. Though they have separate YouTube channels, the two constantly appear together in videos where they sing, play games, and just generally talk about their lives as a queer married couple. Their snappy back and forth banter and natural tendencies to show physical affection makes it clear just how in love they are, which makes you love them even more. After making national news when their wedding video was compromised because of a Taylor Swift copyright issue, the couple has reached over 500,000 subscribers on YouTube, and the number just keeps growing.


The great thing about YouTube is that this is just the tip of the iceberg of all the great content that is produced and can be found on the platform. Let us know about your favorite YouTube channels in the comments below!