5 Yoga Poses to Help Ease Cramps

5 Yoga Poses to Help Ease Cramps

It’s that time of the month again: All you want is chocolate and a fluffy stuffed animal and for your uterus to stop killing you with those cramps. Before you reach for that bottle of Midol to ease your pain, consider doing some exercise. You’re probably thinking, exercise?! Yes, exercise! Light abdominal workouts (such as yoga!) have been proven to help ease cramps naturally.

We’ve put together the five best (and easiest!) yoga poses that will help calm your uterus without giving you more pain in the process.

1. Pigeon Pose

Start by sitting with your legs crossed in front of you. Then, while leaving your right leg crossed in front of you, stretch your left leg out behind you. Keeping your knee and top of your foot to the ground. Be sure to keep your left foot relaxed. To go deeper into this pose bend forward while attempting to reach your nose to your right foot. After staying in the pose for at least 30 seconds, switch legs.

2. Eagle Twist

Begin this position by lying on your back, and then slowly raise your right knee toward your chest while leaving your left leg out straight. Once your right knee is hugged to your chest lightly roll onto you left side allowing your bent knee to relax. Then spread your arms out to either side of you and lean your head to the left. Relax into this pose for 30 seconds to one minute, and then switch to your left leg.

3. Child’s Pose

From Eagle Twist move into a position where you’re sitting on your knees, shins to the ground and your butt resting on your ankles. Be sure to keep your feet relaxed and pointing away from you. Slowly separate your knees, raise your arms and try to reach as far in front of you as you can before bringing your arms to the floor. Inhale as you raise your arms and exhale as you relax into the pose.

4. Cobra

You can easily transition into this pose from Child’s Pose. Simply stretch out until you are laying flat on your stomach. Place your hands under your shoulders with your elbows remaining parallel to your body. Use your hands to push your torso off the ground, keeping your hips firmly in place. Lift your chin to extend the stretch.

5. Bow Pose

From Cobra simply lay back on your stomach and bend your knees. Your ankles should be about mid-thigh. Reach behind you, grabs your ankles, and stretch your torso so your chin is pointing up toward the sky.

Have you eased your cramps with yoga? Tell us about it!

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