5 Weird But Also Empowering Things Your Body Does During Sex

5 Weird But Also Empowering Things Your Body Does During Sex

Real talk: Sex can be weird…and somewhat gross.

But when you take the time to educate yourself about what’s going on inside (and outside) of your body during intercourse, it can be incredibly empowering to discover all the amazing and shocking things a woman’s vagina does during sex.

Here are five weird things the vagina does in response to arousal:


1. The Lips of the Vagina Darken When Stimulated

Upon arousal, the labia minora become visibly puffier, anticipating the arrival of the penis. Once aroused or stimulated, vaginal lips not only plump up, but also change their hue.

For someone who has never endured childbirth, the lips will probably transform from pinkish to red. For someone who has bore children, the vaginal lips will likely change from red to a shade of deep purple.


2. The Vagina Quite Literally Expands

The cervix and uterus actually raise up about two to three inches while aroused. As the uterus pulls up, the tissues of the vaginal walls inflate with blood, which causes the walls to lengthen. Just how much does it lengthen? The vagina can expand up to 200% when sexually stimulated. That’s…a lot.


3. The Breasts Swell Up

General rule of sex: Nearly every body part involved in sex swells. The breasts are no exception. In fact, even the nipples swell or harden once aroused (especially during foreplay!).


4. The Clitoral Hood Retracts and the Clitoris Hardens

That’s right: Penises aren’t the only genitalia that become erect during sex. When aroused, the clitoris grows bigger (side note: Did you know a woman’s clitoris grows her entire life?). If you’re super turned on, it can become three times its “normal” size.

It’s also packed with 8,000 nerve endings and serves no other purpose than sexual stimulation, which explains why it’s such a sensitive zone. (And also why more women experiences a clitoral orgasm in the place of a vaginal one.)


5. The Vagina Becomes Looser

We already know that the cervix and uterus raise up and the clitoris gets its version of a boner when aroused, but did you know that the vagina also technically gets looser? Once sex is over, everything returns to its normal tightness. But when prepping for sexual intercourse, it’s true that the vagina walls themselves loosen up.


Are there any facts here that you didn’t know? Let me know in the comments below!


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