5 Ways to Make an Emergency Pad

5 Ways to Make an Emergency Pad

We’ve all been in that awkward situation when you have to ask your friend, co-worker, teacher, or some random girl in the bathroom for an extra pad or tampon. It’s never fun, but sometimes it is necessary. However, they can’t always be there to come to your rescue packed with feminine products.

If your period is like a Magic Eight Ball and unexpectedly switches dates or alternates from light spotting and to heavy flow, consider always keeping pads and tampons handy in your purse or backpack. However, for the days you forget, we’ve got you covered with step-by-step tutorials of how to make DIY emergency pads (that are much more reliable then thin, cheap toilet paper!).


1. Paper Towels

Unless it’s an “environmentally friendly bathroom,” almost every public restroom will carry paper towels. They’re much thicker than toilet paper and therefore will be more durable. Fold several sheets of paper towels to fit your underwear accordingly. Then use toilet paper to wrap around your underwear and paper towels to make sure the homemade pad will not shift around. Using toilet paper to keep the homemade pad in place will apply to every homemade option listed below.


2. Tissues

Some ladies may carry a mini pack of tissues in their purse or backpack. Take three to four sheets, or however many you think is necessary, place them in your underwear, and again, wrap the “pad” with toilet paper to secure it in place.


3. Socks

Maybe you have an extra pair in your gym locker or maybe you’re the type of person that carries some in her backpack. Heck, I don’t know your life. Although the sock will definitely be ruined afterwards, it will be your best bet of absorbance. Use toilet paper to wrap the sock around your underwear.


4. Dinner Napkin

Whether you’re out on a date, at dinner with your family, or at a wedding reception, it’s a possibility that you could get your period. If you have absolutely no other options, I recommend taking a cloth napkin from the dining table. Of course, the napkin will get ruined, and I don’t suggest that you return it. However, the world isn’t going to end if the restaurant has one less napkin. Fold the napkin into a small rectangle to fit your underwear then wrap it with toilet paper for security.


5. Washcloth

Many workplaces (and random other venues) have packages of unused washcloths sitting around somewhere. Again, fold the washcloth into a smaller size and secure it with toilet paper.


These methods are obviously not something you would want to do every time that you get your period. However, we all say that desperate times call for desperate measures. When you’re able to get your hands on an actual pad or tampon, I recommend taking advantage of that opportunity.

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