5 Tips for Managing Your Period During The School Year

5 Tips for Managing Your Period During The School Year

Getting your period during summer vacation isn’t exactly a breeze, especially when the mid-year heat ensures there is no breeze and you’re left bloated, sweaty, and bloody all at once. But having to carefully schedule your pool appearances and ignoring the white-short summer trend is nothing compared to the obstacle course of school year menstruation.

Limited bathroom breaks, critical peers, and disrupted eating and sleeping patterns can make it feel like your period difficulty level has been cranked up to super challenge mode. But never fear, we have the down low on the back-to-school flow with these top tips.


1. Always have stash of products.

As far as I’m concerned, tampons and pads are as fundamental of school supplies as pencils. Whether you have your cycle scheduled to the day or you’re as irregular as I am, you don’t want to risk being caught off guard. During the school year, it’s often hours before you will get to go home, and toilet paper isn’t going to cut it. Beyond that, being known as the gal with the stash can make you a rescuer to your sisters in need, and it builds solidarity and friendship.


2. Don’t be ashamed to ask. 

Your lady classmates are your best resource for conquering your school day period. If you need assistance, products or pant check or anything, just ask them.

For problems they can’t help you with, like needing to leave class, ask your teachers. With limited time in passing periods to visit the restroom, it’s likely you’ll be late to class or need to leave once and a while. Even male teachers will understand, and the need to take care of your body is nothing to be embarrassed about.


3. Talk to your school nurse early in the year. 

If your periods are particularly painful or difficult, to the point where you may need to lay down or take a painkiller, talk to your school nurse at the beginning of the year. Making them aware of your situation will make your whole year go smoother, and you may be able to arrange for you parents to drop off medicine the office can have on hand, just in case.


4. Keep taking care of your body. 

During the school year it’s easy to be consumed by work or stress and neglect your body. But sleep, hydration, exercise, and balanced diet are still of upmost importance, especially during menstruation. Make an effort to bring water and pack your own healthy lunch. Prioritize your sleep over your work and try to reduce stress. It will make your whole week better.


5. Ignore and overcome period stigma. 

One of the hardest parts of having your period during the school year is trying to pretend you don’t have your period. What’s happening to your body is real, it can affect your mood and focus, and it requires management. Trying to hide your pad-packed wristlet or acting you don’t have cramps are obstacles you need not endure. Any immature individual who would dare tease or confront you will be quickly silenced when confronted with your confidence.


What do you do to make you period more bearable during the school year? Let us know in the comments!

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