5 Spooky Halloween Songs by Female-Led Bands

5 Spooky Halloween Songs by Female-Led Bands

It’s almost Halloween! Whether you’re going out with friends or staying in this holiday, it’s always crucial to have a good spooky playlist. Below are some of my favorite creepy songs, by some of my favorite girl-led punk groups.


1. “Walk Like a Zombie” – HorrorPops

In the song above, HorrorPops frontwoman Patricia Day croons about her eccentric romance with an undead boyfriend, backed by heavy guitar and doo-wop rhythms. The HorrorPops are a Danish band with a “psychobilly” sound. They mix punk, rockabilly, and more in a distinctively loud, tough-as-nails yet still playful way (their album “Kiss Kiss Kill Kill” demonstrates this perfectly).


2. “What Kind Of Monster Are You?” – Slant 6

This song starts with a deafening crash, and quickly increases in both guitar tempo and volume. Slant 6 isn’t just one of my favorite bands to base Halloween playlists around; they’re probably one of my favorite groups in general. The punk trio is comprised of all very powerful female musicians, with Christina Billotte and Myra Power on electric guitar and vocals, and Marge Marshall on the drums and the (somehow quite fitting) trumpet. The girls disbanded in 1995, shortly after the release of their album Inzombia, which featured my all-time favorite song of theirs, Babydoll.


3. “Zombie Hop” – Zombina and the Skeletons

I love Zombina and the Skeletons because, like most punk bands, they’re not afraid to incorporate humor into their music. Sure they deal with some spooky subject matter (other song titles include Frankenlady, A Chainsaw for Christmas, and That Doll Just Tried To Kill Me), but their fusion of doo-wop and punk keeps the music surprisingly upbeat.

They may not be your standard holiday music fare, but frontwoman Zombina and her equally talented bandmates never set out with that intention anyways. The British band draws plenty of inspiration from horror B-movies, which makes practically their entire discography suitable for a Halloween playlist.


4. “Monsters” – Mad Marge and the Stonecutters

Active from 2004 until August of this year, Mad Marge and the Stonecutters are a little more heavy metal psychobilly than I usually go for, but are perfect for Halloween nonetheless. Mad Marge has a surprisingly soulful tone as she’s scream-singing about the monsters hiding under her bed in the song above, and if you’re into even heavier rock, you’ll love their eponymous 2006 debut album.


5. “Zombies Ate Her Brain” – The Creepshow

As gory as the above song title may be, former lead singer Jen “Hellcat” Blackwood’s sultry vocals and the band’s fast-paced instrumentals keep the song fun, full of energy, and easy to jam out to. The band is now fronted by Kenda “Twisted” Legaspi, who has lended even more of an old-timey rockabilly spin to the band’s sound.


That’s my roundup for this year; what do you usually listen to on Halloween? Are you into psychobilly? I’m definitely more into that than traditional rockabilly. Let me know in the comments below!

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