5 Reasons Why Ingrid Nilsen Is Our Period Hero

Don’t know who Ingrid Nilsen is? You’ll wish you watched her videos sooner.

MissGlamorazzi, as Ingrid Nilsen was first called, used to create a YouTube space where young girls (and guys) could find tips on how to perfect a red-lipped pout or watch Nilsen DIY a Peter Pan collar out of felt and rhinestones.

The popular channel, which has amassed nearly four million subscribers, is now a far cry from the days of Ingrid uploading get-the-look tutorials, and with uploads like “Let’s Talk About Periods” and “Your Vagina Matters!” the YouTuber has officially become our period hero. Here are four reasons why.


1. Ingrid’s Approach to Menstruation Is Open Policy

Women shed their uterine lining every 25-40 days. This is a stone-cold fact of biology. Yet despite the times, so much of women’s natural cycle is addled with secrecy. Women have become masterful strategists of stealth when it comes to concealing the very fact that we bleed. But Nilsen asks, “Why?”


2. She Proves Not Everyone Uses Tampons

We live in a tampon world, but Nilsen shatters the stereotype with a simple proclamation she’s made in many videos: “I’m a pad girl.” Her honesty is refreshing in a society that seldom talks about any option other than tampons—and there are plenty: Pads, menstrual cups, and more.

Part of being a person who has a period is catering to your personal preference so you can be as comfortable as possible.


3. She Advocates for Healthy, Organic Period Products…For All

Last December, Nilsen spent time assembling period kits for underprivileged women. Each kit included 100% cotton pads, deodorant, a toothbrush, underwear, and socks. Nilsen cares about what women put near and in their bodies and by giving back, she reminds us every woman gets a period, including ones who can’t afford the appropriate products.


4. She Maintains Feminine Care Is a Part of Her Beauty Routine

When beauty vloggers list the favorite products they used last month in various categories like makeup, nail polish, and hair care, they often leave out the feminine care category. But it’s one that Nilsen proudly includes in her roundups.

Including her favorite pads of the month highlights that these items are necessities. It’s okay to talk about them. She even did a “What’s in My Purse?” video and didn’t shy away from showing off her pads!


5. She Asked President Obama About the Feminine Care Tax in a Live Interview

While interviewing President Barack Obama live, Nilsen mentioned feminine hygiene products are taxed as “luxury items,” pointing out that having a period is not a luxury but a biological rite. POTUS responded that he wasn’t even aware of the tax.

By addressing the issue, Nilsen propelled women’s issues forward and grew the political dialogue already happening.


Ingrid Nilsen has a unique platform so it’s great to see her using it in an impactful way.

With each view Nilsen’s videos about periods get, we inch toward a world where menstruation is far from taboo and young women feel comfortable asking questions and becoming politically involved in the issues that pertain to their health.