5 Natural Ways to Help Ease Those Labor Pains

5 Natural Ways to Help Ease Those Labor Pains

Labor…definitely not the most pleasant of experiences. I am positive that most women would much rather skip labor and just magically have a baby appear in their arms.

Labor is intense (mine was 17 hours!), however, there are some natural techniques that you can do to help alleviate some of the pain.

So to all expecting moms, here are some helpful and natural strategies to keep in mind when you are in labor.


1. Use Warm Water

If you can, try to take a warm bath. You can also use a showerhead and run it up and down your back. It almost instantly takes away the painful edge of labor. Plus, it is relaxing, so you won’t feel quite so panicky or nervous. I pretty much lived in the bathtub the first few hours of my labor.


2. Practice Breathing Techniques

Breathing techniques are vitally important during labor. During contractions, it is really easy to forget to breathe because you clinch up so much. By practicing your breathing, it ensures that your baby is getting enough oxygen and not being put at risk.

Breathing in a rhythmic pattern is also extremely calming and can be a distraction from labor pains.


3. Change Positions Frequently

Sometimes it is necessary to change positions (get on all fours, rock back and forth, kneel down, etc.) in order to help ease some of the pain. Depending on the baby’s position, different positions will help you more than others.


4. Get a Massage

If you are anything like me, the thought of being touched during labor makes you want to manically start throwing things; however, massages are natural pain relievers. It is also forces you to relax a bit. The best places for someone to massage you during labor are your shoulders, your lower back, feet, and hands.

Here are some helpful massage techniques to keep in mind for when you go into labor.


5. Try Relaxation Techniques

While all of these things encourage relaxation, there are still more ways to alleviate anxiety and stress. Light a candle or diffuse some essential oils. You can also play soothing music as well.

Another helpful technique is to bring your ultrasound picture with you. During contractions, look at the picture of your baby. I know it may sound strange, but there is something about being reminded in the middle of a contraction that you are about to actually see your baby. For me, it was very motivational and was just what I needed to ride out each contraction.


Expecting moms, you can do this! Every woman is different, so you may find that some techniques may help more than others.

What are some natural ways that you have found to be helpful during labor?