5 Feminist Twitter Accounts You Need to Follow

5 Feminist Twitter Accounts You Need to Follow

Looking for ways to keep up with current feminist conversations?

Have you heard terms like intersectionality, cisnormativity, and mansplaining, but aren’t fully sure of what they mean? These badass women’s Twitter accounts will edify, inspire, and remind you that for as much as the conversations are starting, there is still a lot of work to be done here.

Amandla Stenberg @amandlastenberg

Amandla Stenberg, actress and advocate, is using her Twitter platform in order to explore and embrace her identity as a black, bisexual woman, hoping that her own experience will help to give confidence to other young people: “If me having the platform and me going through this process of self-discovery is helpful to other people who are struggling to assert themselves then that’s incredible.” (i-D.)


Ella Dawson @brosandprose

Ella Dawson, a social media manager at TED, became internet-famous for speaking out publicly and shamelessly about having herpes. On Twitter, she calls out articles that use STI-shaming and fear mongering for click-bait, and provides a real account of what it is like to live with herpes. She also shares some kick-ass articles and keeps her readers up-to-date with current socio-political events.

feministontinder @feminist_tinder

Feminist On Tinder uses a critical social, feminist lens to talk about everything from current events to personal experiences on dating sites to why this BuzzFeed article was so problematic. She does a masterful job of pointing out blatant and insidious forms of misogyny, sexism, racism, transphobia, and classism. If you want to keep up on social politics, she’s your girl.

Femsplain @femsplain

Femsplain is a platform where contributors who identify as women, non-binary, agender, or gender non-conforming tell their personal stories about their life-experiences, with the intent to “inspire discussion and connection through storytelling.” Not only does their Twitter account keep you up-to-date on the stories going up, they also host weekly conversations with the hashtag #LetMeFemsplain where they ask questions such as, “how do you think pop culture influences our worldview?” and invites everyone to join the discussion.


Janet Mock @janetmock

Janet Mock is an author, advocate, and TV host who started #girlslikeus, a viral hashtag to “connect all willing trans women across colors, generations, sexual identities and class.” If you want to tune into the amazing projects, books, and interviews that she is doing, follow her!

There are myriad reasons why we need to continue to advocate for feminism and continue to have conversations about how to create change. These accounts will remind you that feminism is not one-dimensional; it is intertwined with all different kinds of identities and experiences. If you want to learn more, follow these badass women.