5 Exercises to Ease Your Period Pain

5 Exercises to Ease Your Period Pain

For those who suffer from habitual menstrual cramps, headaches, and fatigue, the pain can have a debilitating effect on everyday functioning. For those who prefer to stay in bed and burrow in a blanket fort, exercising can seem impossible and undesirable. But many swear by it, and it can be a healthy and productive way to alleviate pain. Even better, different exercises can help different areas of your body depending on where your pain is concentrated. Low-intensity cardio or stretching are easy ways to get blood flowing and endorphins rushing and reduce water retention to ease bloating.


1. Brisk Walk

You don’t need to run a marathon to receive the benefits of a little cardio. Take your pet out on a walk around the park or ask to catch up on the latest gossip with your friend while strolling around the neighborhood. Fresh air and greenery have calming and soothing effects for headaches and migraines. If you start feeling better, notch it up to a light jog but keep it easy as fatigue will only make things worse.


2. Elliptical

Hopping on the elliptical is a non-impact exercise that are easy on your joints as well as a weight-bearing full-body exercise. This is especially great for abdominal cramps and discomfort.


3. Bicycling

Going on a nice bike ride is a great way to get rush of fresh air and some time outdoors. If you’re having back pains, it might be better to stick with the elliptical machine but bicycling will definitely get some leg action.


4. Swimming (or just some Jacuzzi relaxation)

If you feel comfortable going in the water, take a few laps around the pool or just stretch out. Swimming helps to elongate your body and work your abdominal muscles. Plus, warm temperatures will help relax muscles and ease tension. Feel free to opt for a nice meditation in the Jacuzzi afterwards.


5. Yoga Poses

Yoga poses won’t help out with cardio, but they’re great at pinpointing specific parts of your body that are tense or uncomfortable.

Knee pulls: Reclining on a flat surface, stretch one leg out and pull the other knee up slowly, hold the position, tugging gently on your leg and slowly release while exhaling. Alternate between both legs.

Child’s pose: In a kneeling position with your heels pointed upwards, stretch your upper body forward with arms extended so that your stomach rests on your knees. Hold this position with gentle breathing and start rolling your body upright using your arms as support.

Butterfly stretches: In sitting position, place the heels of your feet together with your back straight and grasp your feet with your hands while leaning your upper body forward. Go down as far as you can go and hold the position while taking deep breaths. Release and repeat.

Legs-on-the-wall: Place a cushion or blanket under your lower back and scoot up against a wall with a few inches of space and place your straightened legs parallel to the wall. Swing both legs down bent at the knees to one side and hold, swing them back against the wall parallel and repeat with each side multiple times.

The bow: To really relieve back pain, lie on your stomach and lift both legs upwards and hold them close to your head with your hands while raising upper body backwards. Continuously lift and release.


Before trying out any of these light exercises, make sure to grab a banana or a different snack high in potassium to boost your energy level a little bit and keep hydrated!

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