5 Confidence Tips to Steal From the Ladies of ‘Twin Peaks’

5 Confidence Tips to Steal From the Ladies of ‘Twin Peaks’

I first started watching Twin Peaks about a year ago, under the assumption that the cult classic mystery was returning in 2015. I now know that it’s not returning until 2016 or 2017, but that hasn’t stopped me from being completely and utterly obsessed with the show. Twin Peaks is definitely eccentric, from its winding murder mystery, to its sci-fi twist in season two, but its quirky characters and stunning musical composition has kept fans loyal since the show ended all the way back in 1991.

I love (or at least have some pretty strong feelings about) almost every character, but the confidence of the show’s leading ladies is what inspires me the most. There’s seductress and FBI agent-in-training Audrey Horne, lovestruck-yet-determined Donna Hayward, motherly, independent Norma Jennings, the sweet yet strong Shelly Jennings, and the hilarious Lucy Moran.

Keep reading to find out the ladies’ confidence tips that anyone can learn from!


1. Go after what you want

I think Audrey Horne was the best example of this philosophy; without revealing any spoilers, she went to incredibly great lengths to get what she wanted — even if it put her in grave danger (One-Eyed Jacks, anyone?). She might seem spoiled, but she proves throughout the show that she’s a determined, hard worker. While some of what she does is for her own benefit, she also goes out of her way to help FBI agent Dale Cooper solve his cases.


2. Love and friendships can thrive, even after abuse

Shelly Johnson and Norma Jennings have both experienced their fair share of abusive relationships, yet both of them are still able to find love, positivity, and comfort in each other. Theirs is probably my favorite friendship on the entire show; they support each other endlessly, even when they’re both dealing with the remnants of crazy ex-husbands.


3. Know your worth

Lucy Moran is typically depicted as the timid, ditzy secretary; however, her confidence shines in season two. She knows she deserves to be treated with love, care, and respect, and doesn’t have time for a man who isn’t willing to give all that to her. I found myself cheering Lucy on the entire season; it’s not often you see a female character once perceived as silly retain her humor, while still being assertive.


4. Act the part

Most people either love or hate Donna Hayward; she definitely has a flair for the dramatic, and her relationship with James Hurley is sickeningly sweet and angst-ridden. Either way, she has a knack for faking it till she makes it. She switches from shy sidekick, to damsel in distress, to too-cool-for-school secret agent with remarkable conviction (and sometimes a little humor).


5. Your feelings are yours, and yours alone

This scene (from season two, episode 10) with Norma Jennings is so incredibly powerful. In it, Norma is accused of overreacting, and this is (part of) her wonderful response. Women are so often accused of overreacting and being too emotional, but here Norma is having none of that. I often find myself questioning my feelings and reactions towards things, but this scene is a good reminder that even if they are an overreaction, my overreactions are my own and they are valid.


These are the lessons I’ve learned from the ladies of Twin Peaks. Have you watched the show? If so, what have you learned from it? (Also, how excited are you for the new season?!)

Cover image courtesy of Rolling Stone.