5 Caffeine Alternatives to Try During Menstruation

5 Caffeine Alternatives to Try During Menstruation

For die-hard coffee fanatics, it’s unfortunate news that caffeine intake exacerbates cramping pains during menstruation. If you want to curb the pain, then it’ll be smart to cut the caffeine out of your diet during and replace them with these healthier alternatives instead.


1. An apple to start your day

An apple a day not only keeps the doctor away, but it also works as a great morning stimulant. Apples are high in fructose and the natural sugars will improve your alertness. It won’t offer the same intensity as a cup of coffee, but it will still do the trick. In general, starting off your morning with fresh fruit is ideal. Try out oranges or peaches as well.


2. Cold glass of water

A cold cup of water is a recommended way to jumpstart your morning. The temperature will alert your body and metabolism. Starting the day off with a cup of water will keep you hydrated for the rest of the day. Proper hydration will reduce fatigue during the day and keep you feeling satiated. It might be hard to have an icy cold glass of water to start a January morning, so it might not be the best option all the time.


3. Vitamin B boosts

The vitamin B complex includes folic acid and riboflavin and are essential to the body’s energy production. Find vitamin B in watermelon, tomatoes, sunflower seeds, broccoli, and eggs. Perhaps there’s a nice breakfast omelet including all these ingredients that will hit the spot (minus the watermelon).


4. Super smoothie

According to health experts, the best add-ons to a smoothie or juice ideal for boosting energy levels includes maca powder (reduces anxiety and stress and contains iron and magnesium), chia seeds (full of fibers and proteins), blueberries, bananas, and green vegetables like kale or spinach. Blend and enjoy! If you don’t have time to whip up a smoothie, then simply stir some of these ingredients into a cup of yogurt for a snack.


5. Mid-day snacks are essential

The afternoon exhaustion will make resisting caffeine a Herculean task. Opt for a banana, granola bar (a healthy one that’s not completely made of sugar), or even a popsicle to wake you up.


If you can’t resist caffeine completely…

Forgo the sugary coffee and opt for tea instead. A cup of tea contains far less caffeine than an equivalent cup of joe. Some of the most energizing and soothing teas include: ginseng extract, gingko, yerba mate, and green tea. Don’t cheat with any add-ons!


Try out these healthy caffeine alternatives and you might even be able to kick that persistent Starbucks addiction for good.

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