5 Accounts To Follow On Twitter Post-Inauguration

5 Accounts To Follow On Twitter Post-Inauguration

President Trump has challenged the media in ways that threaten the foundation of our democracy.

In less than twenty-four hours, the individual who holds one of the most powerful positions in the world will be a man who called CNN fake news, who has toyed with limiting the Press Corps’ access, and who actually paid staffers to sit in his press conference and cheer for him.

So, how will we tell fact from fiction in an America run by a reality TV star? Now more than ever it’s important to support courageous and ethical journalism and individuals who are committed to telling the truth.

Here are some key Twitter accounts to follow over the next four years:


Online news outlet POLITICO has fast-breaking news, access to events, and a strong reputation of in-depth political reporting.  Their blog, “Forty Five,” is a good place to start to keep up to date on the latest news on the Trump administration and the upcoming cabinet appointments.


The home of The Guardian’s American reporting is not only a good go-to for the latest DC news, but also hosts the op-eds and blogs of some of today’s best (including Jessica Valenti, mentioned later in this list.) The Guardian’s recent work has included a feature on the many same-sex couples who planned to get married just before Trump takes office and an exposé on HB2, the abortion law in Texas that meant distance to local clinics would skyrocket. The Guardian and their human-interest stories are perfect for someone looking to connect real people to the decisions being made by our elected officials.


Social justice warrior, rights activist, and political commentator Van Jones has made waves in the last several Election-crazed months. Jones, who often appears on-air as a CNN commentator, is not afraid to shake up the status quo. Jones’ work is remarkably intersectional, and his deep commitment to addressing our nation’s systematic inequalities is a common theme in all he writes.


Acclaimed author, Guardian columnist, and all-around feminist icon Jessica Valenti means business when it comes to women’s rights. Valenti’s Twitter presence is fiery; she calls out troubling and terrifying behavior whenever she sees it, be it in the Senate or from a cowardly, anonymous internet troll. She is passionate about reproductive rights, an outspoken champion of girls’ education, and a voice for women around the world. Firm in her belief that women have the fundamental right to make their own decisions about their bodies, she is a steadfast advocate who holds politicians accountable 100% of the time.


Teen Vogue is an unrelenting bastion of critically important journalism targeted specifically to the upcoming generation of voters. In the last few weeks in particular its made headlines with its strong political reporting and consistent, factual coverage of President Trump.  Recent groundbreaking articles include Vanessa Williamson’s piece on the Women’s March on Washington, Celeste Ng’s tips on resisting, and Lauren Duca’s fierce condemnation of Trump’s gaslighting.

In this, a peculiar and challenging moment, we all — but especially girls and women — need to rise up as  politically passionate and aware citizens and come together to fight back for what’s fundamentally ours to keep. We’ll need to be more vigilant consumers than ever before. It’s time we get started.

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