4 Young Lady Bosses Everyone Should Know

4 Young Lady Bosses Everyone Should Know

Just because Galentine’s Day has passed does not mean we should stop showing the love to incredible ladies! All trailblazers in their own right, these four young women deserve to be everyone’s #WomanCrushWednesday not just this Wednesday, but everyday, as phenomenal young media entrepreneurs and inspirations.

1. Elizabeth Plank

Called television’s “voice of Millennial feminism” by Forbes 30 Under 30, Plank’s current and truthful approach to addressing pressing social issues is mega-powerful.  As Senior Editor at Mic, weekly guest for MSNBC, and as a writer and media consultant at a plethora of impressive publications and outlets, Plank has created a following of supporters through her work, from tackling gender inequality to taking on unjust policy issues, in addition to being a general feminist super-hero.

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2. Shani Hilton 

Executive Editor at BuzzFeed News, Hilton is a powerhouse in the newsroom. With a profound admiration from her peers and followers (some co-workers refer to her as “queen”), Hilton is known for writing compelling articles and redefining journalistic standards for the industry as a whole. On top of currently reporting and heading up an appealing and hard-hitting news section at BuzzFeed, Hilton has also been a champion on the importance of creating more diverse staff.

As she said in an interview about her philosophy and current success with encouraging and hiring a diverse staff: “When I started at BuzzFeed, there were three black employees. That number has grown dramatically. It’s really nice to be a place where you don’t have to agree with the other black person out of solidarity. You can disagree with them publicly, and it’s fine. That’s really great. That can’t be underscored enough.”

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P.S. If you didn’t know already, BuzzFeed has great journalistic content beyond just those cool viral quizzes. Follow them on Twitter and check that out the news section here.

3. Kate Ward

Current Editor-in-Chief of Bustle.com, and former Executive Editor of Hollywood.com, Kate Ward is revolutionizing women’s news.  As Ward wrote for the Huffington Post (along with deputy editor Margaret Wheeler Johnson) on the creation of Bustle, “we were driven by our goal to create the Internet’s biggest, most inclusive site for women.”  Covering topics such as news, entertainment, fashion, beauty, lifestyle, books, and well basically anything that women-centric you could ever want, Bustle and Ward do a kick-ass job proving the content that women are looking for, all complied together in one central location.

Bustle also wins at social media, so follow Kate and Bustle on Twitter. Just do it. I promise you will not regret it.

4. Alexis Wolfer

Founder and Editor-in-Chief of TheBeautyBean.com a free online magazine, Alexis Wolfer has created a hub for women to get their “beauty, fashion, fitness and wellness fix in a way designed to make them feel better about themselves.” Beyond The Beauty Bean, Alexis has become a guru for women’s lifestyle and fashion, as featured in some of media’s most popular outlets and as author of “The Recipe for Radiance: Discover Beauty’s Best-Kept Secrets in Your Kitchen” on how to incorporate natural foods into your beauty routine.

What both Wolfer does so refreshingly is look at beauty and health as synonymous by creating an atmosphere that is less focused on your dress size and vanity and more focused on how to empower women holistically to lead a more healthy and happy life style.

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So, are you crushing on these four stellar lady bosses yet?