4 Ways to Make Your Period Panties into Your Favorite Panties

4 Ways to Make Your Period Panties into Your Favorite Panties

Any woman will tell you that sometimes wearing sexy underwear can make you feel 10 times better about yourself than a random pair of panties can. So why do many of us who menstruate choose to wear the ugliest underwear possible on days when we feel really crappy?

Most of us have period underwear, and most of us hate them. We all use the excuse of “I don’t want to ruin my good underwear,” but who says it has to be ruined? Here are a few ways you can transform your dreaded period underwear into your favorite underwear and turn your period from something miserable into something to look forward to (or at least not mind).



1. Tie-Dye

Tie-dyeing your underwear (like Rachel Charlene Lewis did) is no different than dyeing a shirt. Make sure you have cotton underwear of a light color that is undecorated. Briefs work best as they give the most surface area to work with, but tie-dyeing can be done with any kind.

Get rubber bands, make your design, and go at it! This is a popular event for many college feminist organizations and is a good way for those of us who are less artistically inclined to turn our boring panties into a piece of artwork. The big bonus with this idea is that in the event you do stain your underwear, it will look just like the color of tie dye, making your period just another part of your masterpiece.


2. Draw Pictures

Whether you’re a natural born artist or can barely draw a stick figure, you can still add your own personal touch to your least favorite pair of undies. Using puff paint or fabric markers, you can draw whatever you want—a portrait of your favorite feminist character, a field of flowers, or a sunset. You can even make them funny; draw a family of stick figures to drown in the soon-to-be red sea or a little angry devil to describe how you really feel on days when you need those panties the most.

3. Write Quotes

For the day that you need a little extra inspiration, grab a fabric marker and write your favorite sassy saying along the top of your underwear. Write whatever you feel; a song lyric, some poetry, or even a Leslie Knope quote. My personal favorite is, “Remember what is important in life; friends, waffles, and work.” Pick a quote that will keep you going on the days that chocolate and ibuprofen won’t.


4. Make All of Panties Your Period Panties

While all the ways on list will give you great additions to your period underwear drawer, you can also find empowerment in simply taking the underwear you have now and wearing it during your period, stains or no stains. Being sexy and being on your period do not have to be mutually exclusive. I know sometimes we don’t feel at our best when we are menstruating, but taking the extra step to make yourself feel sexy will give you exactly the boost you need when you’re feeling your worst.

This may not work for everyone; it’s totally valid to separate your time of the month underwear from your “rest of the month” underwear. However, it’s important to keep in mind that there should be no shame in your stains; part of accepting yourself and your period is accepting the not so “tampon commercial friendly” parts of it – ugly panties included.


Whatever you decide to do with your underwear, do it for yourself. Embrace your period underwear and make it your own. It will certainly make your more uncomfortable days a little bit brighter.

Cover image courtesy of Shutterstock.