4 Ways to Help a Breastfeeding Mama’s Milk Supply

4 Ways to Help a Breastfeeding Mama’s Milk Supply

Almost all breastfeeding mamas have at one time or another worried about their milk supply.

I know I sure do. It can be rather stressful at times trying to figure out what foods affect your supply or if your baby is getting enough to eat. Having a good milk supply is even more stressful in the first few weeks of breastfeeding because your body is still trying to figure things out.

However, there are some very beneficial natural remedies that you can try that have been known to help boost milk supply.


Fennel Seed

This licorice tasting herb has been known to greatly increase a woman’s milk supply (sometimes even double!). Not only does it boost lactation, but it also passes through the mother’s milk, which can greatly help babies with colic.

You can make fennel seed tea or just use the herb to spice up your cooking! Even though fennel seed is known to help mamas with their milk supply, it still must be taken in moderation, and people with these symptoms should not take it.


Lactation cookies

Lactation cookies are excellent reasons to eat dessert. I mean, you gotta keep that supply up, right? But really, they are super easy to make, taste great, freeze well, and really can help a lactating mama out.

You can buy them pre-made or you can make homemade ones as well! Flax seed, oats, and Brewer’s Yeast are excellent ingredients that help with milk supply, and these three ingredients are in almost all lactation cookie recipes.



Yes, hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! Always keep a water bottle near you when breastfeeding because hydration is key to keeping up a good supply. A good rule of thumb is to try and drink a glass of water before and after you breastfeed (yup, every single feeding). Not getting enough water is a sure way to dry you up.



I’m a big fan of ginger, and I truly believe that it has helped me whenever I felt my milk supply was down. Ginger has so many great medicinal health benefits, and it is know for helping a mother’s letdown reflex.

My favorite way to incorporate ginger into my diet is by making ginger tea. It is super easy. Just buy some ginger root, grate it, boil the shavings, drain it into a cup, and ta-da, ginger tea!

And just like there are foods that help milk supply, there are also foods that can hinder it as well. You can find more information about that here.

So all you breastfeeding mamas out there, what are some remedies that you have found to help boost milk supply?