We Bet You Don’t Know All 4 of These Important Facts About Your Clitoris

We Bet You Don’t Know All 4 of These Important Facts About Your Clitoris

The clitoris is probably the most underrated part of the female anatomy.

Everyone knows what it is, and for the most part, what it does. However there are a lot of things about the clitoris that we don’t talk about. Despite the fact that the clitoris is one of the most unique and arguably important parts of the female reproductive system, it often does not get included in discussions surrounding sex education. So, in honor of one of one of our most under appreciated organs, here are four things you probably didn’t know (but really should) about the clitoris.

1. The Clitoris Grows

Much like the rest of the human body, the clitoris actually grows in size over time, especially during times of extreme hormone fluctuation like puberty and menopause. It may grow up to 1.5 times its original size during puberty and during menopause it could grow up to seven! It may sound extreme, but the growth of the clitoris is very gradual and unnoticeable.

However, some outside factors, like genetics and the use of steroids can have an effect on how quickly or how much it grows. The average length of the clitoris is about five inches, most of which is concealed internally, with only the clitoral head and hood being located outside the body.


2. The Clitoris Doesn’t Grow Old

With over 8,000 sensory nerves, the clitoris is one of the most powerful erogenous zones on the female body, something that amazingly is not affected by time or even use. Once a clitoris reaches maturity, its power and ability to achieve orgasm never changes, no matter how much or little it gets used. There are of course other factors that can affect a woman’s libido or ability to orgasm as she ages, but the clitoris is not one of them.


3. Size Actually Can Matter

Although the clitoris grows over time this does not mean that it grows at the same rate for all women. A study from the Journal of Sexual Medicine recently revealed that clitoris size might actually impact how easy it is for a woman to orgasm or how powerful her orgasms are.

Although there are other contributing factors, like position during sex and type of contact to the clitoris, the study shows that size of the clitoris often gives the person’s partner more surface area to work with, making it easier to achieve orgasm. This doesn’t mean that women who have smaller clitorises can’t orgasm of course; it just means that it may take a little more stimulation.

4. It’s the Only Organ That Exists Solely for Pleasure

While there are lots of parts of both the male and female anatomy that give pleasure, the clitoris is the only one that serves no other reproductive function. Other pleasure zones like the penis, the testicles, and the nipples all serve other purposes in the body. Because of this, it’s no surprise that most women cannot orgasm from vaginal stimulation alone, and rely on clitoral stimulation as well. The clitoris may only have one job, but it does it well.


So, now that you’ve learned a little more about the clitoris, it might be time to exercise your newfound knowledge and reintroduce yourself with it.