4 Nonprofit Organizations Helping Women That You Can Support

4 Nonprofit Organizations Helping Women That You Can Support

Author’s note: This article discusses sexual violence.

As 2015 has come to a close and 2016 begins, more and more organizations are in need of your support. Women’s organizations are in especially dire need of help. According to RAINN, one in six women in the US alone has been raped, or almost raped, in her lifetime. According to UNESCO, two-thirds of illiterate adults worldwide are women. As of 2015, “at least 21 transgender women” were murdered in the US, according to Advocate.

Read on to find out how you can help four impressive women’s organizations trying to solve these pressing issues.


1. UltraViolet

UltraViolet is a tech-driven organization dedicated to equality for all women, with a special emphasis on the voices of “women of color and LGBTQ women.” Through email newsletters, UltraViolet encourages its community to take action in substantial ways, whether it be to make calls, rally or write articles. They also go as far as to encourage action that can lead to legislative change, like collaborating with Lilly Ledbetter on the successful Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act. The organization also pushed Congress to pass “an expanded and improved” Violence Against Women Act, via phone calls and petition signatures from thousands of its members. To support UltraViolet, you can donate here, or sign up for emails here.


2. Trans Women of Color Collective

The Trans Women of Color Collective (TWOCC) is a grassroots advocacy initiative, run by and for trans women of color. As stated here by GLAAD, “45% of reported hate murders [in 2011] were transgender women.” The 21 trans women killed in 2015 were almost all women of color.

This is what makes TWOCC so necessary. According to the collective’s donation page, TWOCC led members on “rallies, healing retreats and Call To Actions”, as well as a “Leadership Summit,” in August 2014. These events aimed to raise awareness of the importance of trans lives and to encourage camaraderie between trans women of color all over the US. TWOCC focuses its efforts on educating and empowering both trans and non-binary women of color, as well as potential allies. To donate to TWOCC, go here.


3. V-Day

V-Day is an international nonprofit aimed at raising awareness of and ending violence against women. According to their about page, V-Day is a huge proponent of the arts, and stages thousands of performances of The Vagina Monologues, as well as workshops and “documentary film screenings” all over the world every year. V-Day has also opened the first women’s shelters in Egypt and Iraq, participated in the Afghan Women’s Summit, and helped found Karama, a program linking “local women’s organizations and other civil society groups” in several Middle Eastern and African countries.

V-Day has also launched what they call their “most ambitious campaign to date,” the One Billion Rising campaign. One Billion Rising tackles a new women’s issue each year via dance, spoken word, films, rallies, and collaboration with local organizations, government, and law enforcement. This year, the campaign’s theme is “Listen! Act! Rise!”, which is meant to highlight the voices of marginalized women. To donate to V-Day, go here; to host a V-Day event in your area, go here.


4. Women for Women International

Women for Women International is a non-profit organization working with marginalized women in eight different countries. The organization has provided yearlong training programs to “over 429,000 women” in its past twenty years of operation. The program teaches women about three main topics: business, health, and women’s rights. Graduates of the program are armed with the tools necessary to start their own businesses, have in-depth knowledge on their local economies and manage their own health and nutrition (as well as those of their families).

Women for Women International also empowers its graduates to educate other women on all they’ve learned on women’s rights. Each of Women for Women International’s partner countries houses a Women’s Opportunity Center where women have career resources and a supportive community available to them. The organization has trained over “7,500 men to become allies and champions of the empowerment of women and girls.” By donating $30 a month, you can sponsor an individual woman on her journey to financial and personal success, or you can donate any other amount to help keep programs afloat.


Donating or fundraising on behalf of any of these women centered organizations can go a long way. These four are just a glimpse of all the nonprofits currently existing in support of women’s issues. Each supports an incredibly important cause; even if you can’t donate to all of them, all are worth at least checking out.

Are you already supporting any of the organizations on this list? Are there any other notable women’s organizations Helloflo readers should be aware of? Let us know in the comments below.

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