4 Local Organizations That Are Helping Protect Human Rights

4 Local Organizations That Are Helping Protect Human Rights

Under President Trump, women, trans folk and queer people may lose certain rights.

These rights include access to reproductive healthcare, general healthcare (especially for trans people), right to marriage, and the list goes on.

The reality as it stands may seem paralyzing, but it could also be a spark for change and resistance. Donating is one big way to help those on the front lines continue to help the most vulnerable groups. Donating to larger organizations like Planned Parenthood HQ or the ACLU is one way to go, but if you’re looking to get more specific try thinking local.

Here are four great organizations working to protect the rights of all people in 2017.

Your Local Planned Parenthood Branch

I know I just said that Planned Parenthood was a big national organization, but there is a way to donate at a local level. Their website allows you to pick a specific branch (for example, I donated to my hometown’s branch and also a few branches in the South) so you know exactly where your money is going. This is also a great way to support people in states that don’t support reproductive rights (such as access to birth control and abortions).

To donate, click here.

Campaign for Southern Equality

Based in Asheville, North Carolina, Campaign for Southern Equality is an organization fighting for LGBTQ rights across the South. They work to put LGBTQ people in leadership positions as well as acting as an advocate for those with no voice. They run events for queer people, pop up clinics, and they’re the organization behind the “Love Won” documentary which depicts LGBTQ individual’s struggles for getting married in the South. So show your pride and donate here.

The Trevor Project

Continuing on the LGBTQ train, The Trevor Project is awesome. The Trevor Project’s mission is to provide suicide prevention services to queer teens and young adults. The Trevor Project also offers infinite services for LGBTQ youth including a 24/7 phone and text line for suicide prevention or if you just want to chat. Trevor also runs events for LGBTQ youth nationwide. Because of the current political climate, The Trevor Project is ramping up their efforts and so your donation will directly help staff the crisis lines and therefore save some LGBTQ lives. More info here.

The Door

If you’re New York-based and want to give back to your community, look no further than The Door. The Door is an incredible organization that offers sexual and reproductive healthcare as well as mental healthcare, after school programs, education, and a whole lot more to teens and young adults in New York City. The Door delivers basic services to those who would not normally be able to afford it including crucial education on sexual and mental health. The Door is seriously changing New York City, one teen at a time. Learn more and donate here.

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