4 Examples Of Technology Meant To Assist In Sexual Violence Prevention

4 Examples Of Technology Meant To Assist In Sexual Violence Prevention

Innovators want you to “get smart” about how to minimize your chances of sexual assault.

While it certainly doesn’t solve the bigger issue that revolves around how we characterize sexual assault, inventors are hoping that using technology will lower rates of sexual violence in the world, one app and smart tech gadget at a time.


Apple recently updated voice-control feature Siri to respond better to an individual saying “I was raped.” Previously, Siri would respond with an “I don’t know what you mean” to a person saying that they had experienced domestic and/or sexual violence. With the new update, they direct the user to the National Sexual Assault Hotline, providing resources for the person who needs it.

Chariot For Women

Chariot for Women is a car service that serves an Uber app run by women for women (and males under the age of 13). While some are looking at Chariot for Women’s niche demographic as a reason why it will not succeed financially, others are hailing it as an innovative way to prevent sexual assault.


Instead of going the iPhone app route, Roar for Good sells jewelry that provides an enhanced sense of safety. Their product Athena is a sleek black and aluminum (rose gold and silver are available too) pendant that emits a loud shriek whenever you press it, alerting your friends and family via text message to let them know where you are. The pendant can be clipped onto clothing, onto a bag or hung off a chain. It currently retails for $79. While the product won’t be shipped out for months, its Indiegogo received 667% of the funds it needed to start production in 2015, speeding up the creation the process.


Stiletto by Secure Couture is a tech-friendly piece of jewelry that places an equal emphasis on style and usability.  At $179, it also includes some nifty features, such as calling Uber/Lyft, family/friends or 911 for you (and cancel if need be). It additionally protects you by planning safe routes and allows you to put it on valuables in order to keep track of where they are.

The boom of the smart tech industry could very well mean that more inventions are on their way. What do you want to see next?


Cover image courtesy of Shuttlestock.