4 Energy Boost Drinks That Aren’t Coffee

4 Energy Boost Drinks That Aren’t Coffee

I am a tired person and I always have been.

To help curb this constant craving for more sleep, I’ve tested out plenty of different products that promise energy and focus. But this is an overwhelming process. The energy drink business alone accounts for over $12 billion in annual sales, which means lots of sleepy people like myself are hitting the bottled beverage aisle to load up.

Plus, as Mayo Clinic reports women are much more likely to battle chronic fatigue than men, which explains why energy, stress, and mental clarity are a popular topic for women. If dietary changes, exercise, and other tricks don’t help your heavy lids or ability to focus, it may be time to try one of these beverages.

White teas

Tea gets a popular vote of confidence for its mix of caffeine and antioxidants. White tea, in particular, has been shown to maintain health of the cerebral cortex in rats. To maximize the benefits, stick to a regular tea schedule. Daily consumption or regular use has been shown to help with memory and cognitive alertness. The key to this super power? It’s tea’s combination of caffeine and L-Theanine, which is only found in this elixir.

Give it a try: Teavana’s Body + Mind White tea

Heath line drinks

So, before you roll your eyes, know that some health care brands are worth looking into. The good thing about these sometimes cheesy commercials and products is that they’re highly targeted, so your chances of finding something specific to your dietary and health needs is better than strolling down the average grocery aisle. When it comes to the energy drinks, some are excellent. Unlike many popular juices and smoothies, several of these drinkable options are sugar free and are loaded with B vitamins.

Give it a try: AdvoCare’s Spark in Watermelon

On-the-go boost

They’re everywhere: the checkout line, mini-fridges in the office, inside your favorite neighborhood cafe. No matter where you look, there’s some kind of drink available for a quick boost. If you’re tired of Red Bull and scared of Monster, which can lead to some intense jitters, opt for drinks fueled with green coffee extract instead of taurine.

Give it a try: Starbucks Refreshers

No caffeine, please

If you’re sensitive to caffeine, it can be tricky finding something with more than a ton of fruit juice inside. This is a personal challenge of my own, since I tend to get sleepy after more than cup coffee, yet my heart nearly flutters out of my chest from the caffeine. To choose a good starting point, look for beverages with plant-based components. Chlorophyll is an excellent example, and is pretty similar in structure to hemoglobin. One of the best ways to get a kick from this substance is wheatgrass, which is luckily a common ingredient in many non-caffeinated drinks.

Give it a try: ALO Awaken

The quest to find a perfect beverage is trying. So far, I’ve enjoyed Spark and have given Kombucha a go, but I think I’ll keep looking. Any life-changing concoctions to add? Make sure to let us know!

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