3 Ways to Show Your Support During Trans Awareness Week

3 Ways to Show Your Support During Trans Awareness Week

The week of November 14th through the 20th is Transgender Awareness Week.

Leading up to Transgender Day of Remembrance on the 20th, this week is to take special recognition of the transgender community. Trans Awareness week is also a time in which we celebrate the lives of those we have lost due to trans related violence, while also looking at what we as a society can do to prevent further violence from happening. It is a heavy time, especially considering that nearly half of young trans people admit to having attempted suicide, and that there are over 60 names on the TDOR this year alone. However this week is important in creating change for the transgender community. There are a lot of ways you can celebrate Trans Awareness Week that are both educational and encouraging.

Continuing Education

Use your favorite social media platform to run a week worth of articles, videos, or even art that focuses on a trans issues. You might consider picking pieces that covered a wide array of topics like health care, allyship, or historical moments and people in trans rights history. You should also look for things that include the perspectives and voices of actual trans people. Everyday Feminism, Kat Blaque, and the trans tag on Helloflo are great places to start looking.

Film Screening and Discussion

If you’re on a college campus or have access to a community space, a film screening is a great way to get people to engage in an educational opportunity. There are dozens of great documentaries and narrative films that are both entertaining and powerful. Some are Screaming Queens, Tomboy, and Cruel and Unusual. Afterwards, having a debrief discussion is a good way to help the audience work through what they’ve just learned or any emotions they’re experiencing.

Trans Day of Remembrance Vigil

On what is arguably the most difficult day of the week, it’s vital to provide a memorial that is both comforting and impactful. This day is a reminder of both those that we have lost and how important it is to protect those that are still here. One way to memorialize this day is to create a quilt with each patch dedicated to one person on the TDOR list. Another way is to have people in your community sign an anti-trans violence pledge sheet at a community gathering like a candle vigil. If you choose to have speakers at a vigil, think about reaching out to active members of the trans community in your area.

However you decide to spend your Trans Awareness Week, just remember that though this week is meant to call us to action, the trans community needs our support every day of the year.

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