3 Tips for Taking Care of Your Sexual Health in College

3 Tips for Taking Care of Your Sexual Health in College

College campuses are often a space where students have the opportunity to make decisions about their sexuality, from the gender of their partner to the type of contraception they use. One’s knowledge of sexual health may vary depending on their prior sexual education at school and home.

It’s important to be aware of the resources your college provides when it comes to the topic of sexual health. Check out some of our tips to having a positive sexual health experience while in college.


Obtaining Contraceptives

If you decide to be sexually active while at college, start speaking to your doctor about if a method of birth control is right for you. Often times students may utilize the health physicians on campus or locally if need be, who can also guide you in making an educated choice for your body.

Go to your campus health center and find out what methods of birth control they offer students. This varies campus to campus, as some will provide contraceptives while others do not want to cover it through their insurance.


Getting Tested

Sexually active? Then it might be a good idea to get tested every few months. Some campus health centers offer free STD testing, so be sure to first see what your college offers before trying to go off-campus.

Planned Parenthood and other free clinics are open for STD testing if making an appointment with your regular doctor isn’t an option. These resources are likely in the surrounding area. Just do some basic research on what you’re looking for (payment, location, doctor credentials) and you’ll find multiple options within distance of your campus to utilize.


Finding Campus Resources 

Questioning your sexuality? Wondering if you’re ready to become sexually active for the first time? Part of having good sexual health is being open and honest with oneself. A safe space to be able to discuss these personal topics allows students to make the right decisions for themselves over the persuasion of what “everyone else is doing.”

Look for counseling services or make an appointment with your health clinic to sit down and talk with a licensed professional who can aid you in making the right choice for you and your body. Every campus is different when it comes to providing sexual health services – as well as talking about these important topics for a college student’s life. It’s up to you to take advantage of them as you see fit for your personal lifestyle.


What else do you wish you knew about sexual health before heading to college? Sound off in the comments!

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