3 Things That Helped Me Embrace My Period

3 Things That Helped Me Embrace My Period

Waking up to my period was never a pretty sight when I was younger. The second I placed my feet on the ground from my bed, I could feel gravity working on my body. I just wanted to lay down. I would even settle for the floor. Why am I a girl? Why do I have to experience this socalled “blessing” known as my menstrual cycle?

I used to be in a state of self-pity and sorrow during my period. I would intentionally not make plans because I did not want anyone to see me during that special time of the month. I felt there were two different Taylors in my life: There was Taylor, the confident girl who loved life and strived for happiness and success. Then, once a month, there was Period Taylor, who was a grumpy and confused girl who literally wanted to not move.


That was then. Now, there is only one Taylor. Period Taylor is gone.

If you’re in a similar situation, here’s what made me learn to accept my period instead of it being a constant dread every month.


Understand That Your Period Is Not Permanent

The first step was to realize that my period was not permanent. For starters, it only lasts five days (only 17%) each month.. (I like math, so I actually did the math to get that percentage.) I still have well over three-fourths of the month where I feel A-OK. Also, my period also does not last my entire life; it began during middle school and I should end my period in a couple decades.


Know That Your Period Means Things Are Good Down There

Second, I realized that getting my period every month meant I was healthy. I have a friend who did not get her period until she was 17. When she would tell us girls that she never had her period, we would all say she was so lucky. Then she would go into details of having the visit the doctor and the medication she was on in hopes of kick-starting her period. Getting my period means that I am healthy. Health is a gift that cannot be taken for granted.


Pain Can Be a Good Thing

Lastly, I came to terms with the fact that pain is part of the growing experience. I could not even fathom the concept of cramps during elementary school. When I got cramps for the first time, I thought I would have to go to my hospital. I didn’t know why my abdomen acting so terribly!

Now I have learned to roll with the punches (to my stomach). I have learned to exercise more to decrease the amount of pain I feel during my period, as well as the best medication for me to take during my period if the pain is really bad.

It is okay to feel sorry for yourself every now and then. It is part of growing up to experience physical pain and to learn to deal with whatever Mother Nature throws at you. It took me time, but when I looked at the benefits of my period, I knew that I really had no reason to feel self-pity. Now I actually think that periods are a blessing. How’s that for a 180?

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