3 Sticker Brands That Are All About Girl-Power

3 Sticker Brands That Are All About Girl-Power

Motivation comes in many shapes and sizes and this time, it comes in the form of stickers.

The stickers on my laptop, journals, and bedroom walls tell me that my reflection is beautiful, that I can be successful, and that the effort I put into my work is worth it. Through these motivational phrases made up of bright colors and positive words, I’m reminded that I’m powerful and that I am whoever I build myself up to be.

Here are some brands that top my list for the self-love and girl power wave that is taking over the web:

My Body Does

Body shaming advertisements are, unfortunately, a part of life. However, two women took notice of the ads and decided to combat their body-negative message with a more positive one. How did they accomplish this? They plastered stickers to the signs that promote breast implants, as well as other advertisements that showcase a woman being unhappy with her body. They called their body-positive campaign, My Body Does. As a brand, My Body Does understood that many young people see ads that consistently encourage women to make changes to their body and they wanted to send out a different message. With their stickers, My Body Does changes ads into promotions of self-worth and self-love.



Human offers quirky stickers that are begging to be slapped onto every college student’s laptop cover. From unicorn stickers encouraging the sticker-owner to trample the patriarchy, to a pink sticker sheet comprised of swords and a shield saying ‘this warrior princess can save herself,’ the website offers attention-catching girl-power phrases.

Stickers like these are a confidence booster because when place on something we see every day, they become a daily reminder of how much we are worth and how much we can achieve. The sets from Human can be snarky and brash, but they’re also incredibly real. They are stickers for the colorful and the powerful. The best part? They remind us that we all have the power.


Activyst isn’t only in the business of celebrating strong women through their stickers, the foundation also funds girls’ sports programs all over the world. Their support of sports programs is with the intention of inciting a “ripple effect” — they want girls to grow into educated and active women, who will get a job in their community, and then impact the way the next generation grows up.

Not really an accessory, and not really serving any other purpose other than to spread a message and look nice, stickers come in all shapes and sizes —much like humans. The sticker brands listed above serve to remind us that we are all unique, we are all powerful, we are worthy of notice, and we are all wonderful just the way we are.