3 Reasons Why You Should Follow FLOTUS on Twitter

3 Reasons Why You Should Follow FLOTUS on Twitter

Looking to follow a Twitter account that keeps you up the date on news and gives you inspiration? First Lady of the United States Michelle Obama, better known as @flotus, really knows how to work Twitter like a boss. Here are the top three reasons why you should be following her on Twitter:


1. Stay Up to Date on all of Her Initiatives

First Lady Michelle Obama is incredibly active with creating a better tomorrow. She has worked to improve cafeteria standards and make healthy food accessible. Currently, her biggest initiative is Reach Higher. This initiative is “the First Lady’s effort to inspire every student in America to take charge of their future by completing their education past high school.”

Last week, she announced Better Make Room, which is meant to inspire you to create your own path and that the world “better make room” for you. Following the First Lady on Twitter allows you to stay up to date on any of the initiatives.


2. Find Out a Little More About the First Lady

Many political or popular figures have many different people tweeting from their account. This is true for Michelle Obama as well, but she also takes time out of her busy schedule to tweets. All tweets composed by her are signed with her initials, “-MO.” Just last week, she tweeted at Lebron James about the success of their Better Make Room trip to the University of Akron.

Besides personal tweets, the First Lady also shared her music taste on Twitter. For Day of the Girl, she created an exclusive Spotify playlist that included strong, girl-centric tunes such as Alicia Key’s Girl on Fire and Destiny’s Child’s Survivor. Following the First Lady on Twitter, allows you to get to know her as more than just a political figure.


3. Get Inspired by Quotes to Help You Through Your Day

The First Lady of the United States is a very inspiring women. She worked hard to get to where she is today and uses her power as First Lady to help the youth and make improvements for our country.

Inspirational quotes are shared that are great to read when scrolling through Twitter. One of my personal favorite quotes is the First Lady discussing the impact of Let Girls Learn, another initiative. She said, “Education is the single most important stepping stone to power, freedom, and equality.” It is important for everyone to get educated because an education is such a valuable thing to have. Reading inspiring quotes to get you through the day is just another great reason to follow the First Lady on Twitter.


From initiatives to personality to inspiration, Michelle Obama’s Twitter account has it all.

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