3 Reasons Why I Decided to Apply to a Women’s College

3 Reasons Why I Decided to Apply to a Women’s College

When I started high school, I did not have a clear dream school. Sure, I had thought of the concept of college. I had an idea of where I wanted to go to school and perhaps what I wanted to major in. Attending a women’s college, for sure, was an option I did not even know about it.

A women’s college is a school that only admits those that identify as female. Therefore, there are no boys on campus. I go to a co-ed high school, and the majority of the schools in my area are a mix of the two sexes. However, when I received an email for a women’s college my junior year of high school, I was intrigued. I saw many benefits to going to a women’s college—benefits that I may not find at a traditional co-ed school. As I spoke to an admissions counselor, I became more and more interested in the idea of attending a institution with only females.

In April, the women’s college I was speaking with offered to waive my application fee. I thought there is no harm in applying if it only costs time. Now, three months after my acceptance, I may very well be saying goodbye to having male classmates and embracing new female classmates.

However, while I am not even half way done with senior year and not very close to making my college decision, I do recommend that every lady considers applying to a women’s college. Here’s why.


1. An Inspirational Atmosphere

As a feminist, I love to see females succeed in every avenue and corner of the world. At a women’s college, the president of every organization is female. Student government? Female leader. Campus Activity Board? Female leader. Girls literally run the world on the campus of a women’s college. This is a unique opportunity that can only be found at select schools.


2. Sisterhood Sans Sorority

Joining a sorority doesn’t really appeal to me now, and I don’t think it will become something I have a desire to do in college. Something special about a women’s college is that the women on campus create a bond known as “sisterhood.” From sleepovers to special campus wide activities, each student finds sisters amongst her peers.


3. Cultivation of Powerful Women

There are several famous alumni of women’s colleges from around the nation. Some of these incredible women include Julia Childs (Smith College) and Katherine Hepburn (Bryn Mawr College). Multiple prominent females of U.S. government learned and grew at women colleges. Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton went to Wellesley College, and former Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi went to Trinity Washington College.


When it comes the time in your life to apply to colleges, it is important to look at different avenues and allow yourself to be open to different possibilities and opportunities. I entered high school not even knowing what a women’s college was, and I may be leaving high school to continue my education at one. These colleges allow young women to grow in an inspirational atmosphere, enjoy a sisterhood, and become the stronger and more powerful people they already are.

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