3 Brands That Are Photoshop-Free

3 Brands That Are Photoshop-Free

After fashion giant ModCloth became the first retailer to sign an no-Photoshop pledge last week, we began to wonder: Is ModCloth really the first, or are there other brands preaching the anti-Photoshop gospel? The use of “actual women” in campaigns may be flawed to some extent, but at least some brands are trying to step up to the plate.

1. Dove

Probably most well-known in the arena of “real women” is Dove, which has been leading the charge in the realm of the Photoshop-less for years. There has been quite a lot of discussion over how “real” their models are, but at least Dove is trying.

2. Aerie

Though there was controversy surrounding American Eagle’s Aerie using gorgeous, skinny girls instead of Photoshop (as in, which one is worse?), at least the company is attempting to step up and make a change in the industry. However, we’d love to see some women with other body types in the mix.

3. Forever Yours Lingerie

This company used a plus-size model (and cancer survivor) in one of their campaigns last year. Amazing!

This list may be pretty short, but we’re hoping that in the coming months and years, more brands will step up to the plate. In with the women of all shapes and sizes, out with the Photoshop.