2016 Has Been A Tough One, Here Are 8 Things You Can Be Thankful For

2016 Has Been A Tough One, Here Are 8 Things You Can Be Thankful For

Okay, so this year has been a bit rough.

Politically, we’ve elected a man who grabs pussies without consent and has promised to work against so much of the progress we have made.

We saw a terrible number of black deaths by police.

We saw a gay nightclub be the scene of a massacre.

We allowed so many bad things happen to our world this year that it is hard to be thankful. So in an attempt to keep up some optimism, here are eight things I am thankful for this year.


Gay Marriage

Okay so I know technically we got this last year and we may just lose it again, but hey this country has allowed queer people to get married for over a year so that’s pretty great. This was a serious win for equality; we should remember that.

THINX Underwear

Remember that time when you ruined all your underwear because sometimes periods are hard to predict and you think it’s going to be a light day and then there is a blood bath in your pants? Yeah, THINX has changed that forever. In case you’ve been missing out, THINX underwear can hold two tampons worth of period without the gross wet feeling or leakage. Plus, they included trans men in their ads, which is wonderfully inclusive.

Planned Parenthood

Where do I start? This amazing organization has been under intense scrutiny during this election season yet it still has managed to be a leading provider of birth control pills, IUDs, STI testing, mammograms, abortions, and so many other important services for women. It has had its funding and existence constantly questioned; yet it has continued to fight on for the sake of women’s healthcare (and it has a trans clinic now as well!).

The Clitoris

With this current feminist revolution that is in full force, the clitoris has come into the forefront of people’s minds. This way-bigger-than-you-think organ has a single job: give vagina owners pleasure. With 8,000 nerve endings, this little machine is eager to please and for that I am oh so grateful.

The State of HIV Research

We are at a point in time where preventing HIV/AIDS is an actual happening possibility. With the invention of PrEP, people can begin to take steps towards eradicating this disease that has plagued many communities. Not to mention, with research becoming more and more mainstream and a prevention becoming real, the stigma surrounding HIV/AIDS is diminishing every day.

Sexual Health, LGBTQ, and Mental Health Educators

I am so grateful for people like Laci Green, Ashley Mardell, Hannah Witton, and Hannah Hart who have dedicated their lives to educating the internet about issues that truly matter. These creators deal with regular hate for their YouTube videos that bring attention to important, but stigmatized topics, yet they continue to push through for the sake of education and that is awesome.

This Hamilton and Beyonce Mashup

Not only does this ridiculous video combine two of the greatest musical moments of all time, it also raises up the creations and voices of people of color and well that just makes me giddy.

And finally, I am super thankful for HelloFlo.

Excuse me for a moment as I get all sappy, but this publication has allowed me to shine a spotlight on projects I care about, speak out on issues I’m passionate about, and gripe about the injustices of the world. Whether you’re an avid reader or you’re just finding this site for the first time, dig in.

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