16 Female-Driven and Feminist Podcasts You Need to Listen To

16 Female-Driven and Feminist Podcasts You Need to Listen To

I have a confession: I’m addicted to podcasts.

I’m subscribed to dozens and dozens of them, and every time I see a list like the one you’re about to read, that subscription list only grows. I listen while I commute, I listen while I cook and do laundry. I even listen while I’m at the gym – witty banter and stimulating interviews can make for surprisingly great pump-up playlists.

So why am I such a podaholic? I can get the same information be reading articles or watching interviews on TV, or so the podcast critics might argue. And they’d be right, I can. But what they’d be forgetting is the fact that no other medium is as personal as podcasting is. Podcasts benefit from the intimacy of nearly barrier-free communication; podcasters are able to speak to you directly and join you in your daily routine through the magic of ear buds.

Podcasts have also democratized the process of creating and consuming media. There is a relatively low production cost, and most shows are available to stream for free. Podcasts are for everyone.

Podcasts are for everyone, and especially for underrepresented voices. Podcasts have become the perfect platform for women to bring their voices forward and talk about topics that are important to them. Read on for a list of some fun and inspiring female and feminist-centered podcasts!


1. Call Your Girlfriend

CYG is “a podcast for long-distance besties everywhere.” Digital strategist Aminatou Sow and journalist Ann Friedman gab every other week about the highest of highbrow and the lowest of lowbrow topics – and they invite us to listen in. Their warm and witty friendship is a joy to take part in, and it’ll probably make you want to give your bestie a call.

If you want more of ladies talking lady stuff, check out Another Round and Slumber Party with Alie and Georgia.



#GIRLBOSS host Sophia Amaruso may be well on her way to taking over the world. The Nasty Gal founder recently released her book #GIRLBOSS, which chronicles her unconventional path to success from dropout to CEO, and Netflix is now producing a series based on the book. On the #GIRLBOSS podcast, Sophia interviews women who’ve made waves in business and cultural ventures. People like actress Charlize Theron and L’Oreal VP Rachel Weiss share life lessons in honest and relatable ways.

If you’re looking for some more career inspiration and advice, check out Confessions of a Female Entrepreneur and The Biz Chix Podcast.


3. The Back Talk

Creative women are making waves all over the place, and The Back Talk is here to make sure you know about them and their work. In each episode, Britt Julious features conversations, essays, and anecdotes from young women of color working in creative fields. Themes like the body and celebritiy inspire some moving discussions.

If you want more creative gals, check out Cavern of Secrets and She Does.


4. Lady to Lady

Women. Are. Funny. Have we finally won that debate? If anyone needs more convincing, they can listen to Lady to Lady, a roundtable discussion with comedians Barbara Gray, Brandie Posey, Tess Barker, and a weekly guest. Inspired by their live Upright Citizen’s Brigade show, these funny ladies hilariously discuss the week’s current events in each episode.

If you want some more lady laughs, check out Ronna & Beverly and How Was Your Week with Julie Klausner.


5. Popaganda and Backtalk

Bitch Media is dedicated to bringing feminist media and responses to pop culture. They’re magazine and website do an excellent job of achieving that goal, and their podcasts Popaganda and Backtalk add to the feminist media takeover. Popaganda focuses on movies, books, TV, and media with a feminist edge, while Backtalk provides feminist conversation with two Bitch editors.

If you want more feminism in your ear buds, check out Slate’s DoubleX Gabfest and Stuff Mom Never Told You.


Have any favorite female-driven and feminist podcasts not on the list? Let us know!


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