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A series of events have kept me somewhat off cheap jordans the grid in the last two weeks. There was the completion of an NPR story, double duty at the TV station, the release of a book in which I wrote a chapter and the negotiation of a business deal which is changing my life. But everything was somehow put on the side burner (notice how I didnt say back burner) with a new arrival. Skylar Blake.What really took me off the grid is this little girl. Im officially a new auntie. You can read about this beautiful childs unusual trip from the heavens into the arms of my sister in her post: On Nonhuman Animals and Human Babies. I was skyping non stop, speaking with relatives and friends, making airline arrangements, ordering baby stuff, and rethinking my life as this new one came just about over night. You see, Skylar was adopted. While my sister was hoping to adopt a child, she and her husband cheap jordans free shipping had met with many challenges. Then suddenly in 24 hours, (you can read it in her story) she was a mommy and I was an auntie. We cant always prepare for such events, but we can have a bit of an action plan for such dramatic life events that challenge our work life balance. This is where the rubber hits the road for me in my work life merge. Organized chaos is better than regular chaos dont you think? When I say side burner thats what I mean. It goes to the side for a bit, its not forgotten. Time is made for it at a later date, perhaps for the following week. For me quite a bit went to the side, but only for a few days, and not everything took a hit. My NPR story for example. There was no cheap jordans shoes getting around that deadline, but other things could wait. This little peanut set my Judy Martins work life balance bootcamp into motion. I have a list of priorities. Its an actual check off list of needs short term and long term. Its derived from 20 years in news, dealing with the intense day to day action which changes on a dime and my experience working with the dying as a hospice volunteer.
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